« Mais qu'est-ce que ça veut dire, la peste ? C'est la vie, voilà tout. »

I have a blog written in Chinese and I update it from time to time. Its address is

I also maintain a English journal now. You can visit it at

An archive of (very) old posts are located here.

I am starting my research with Prof. David Nolte this year. We use light to study living biological systems like tumors. I will be focusing on interferometry and holography.

I am a PhD student in Physics at Purdue University. I earned my bechlor's degree from Nanjing University in 2015.

I am interested in a bunch of stuff. I like literature, music, movies, sitcoms, plays and musicals. Having read hundreds of books, listened to over a thousand music albums and watched a few plays and musicals, I am trying new things every day to enrich my life. I like things about computers, especially numerical computation and Web design and implementation. I do long-distance running and want to see where my limits are. I take online courses at Coursera and edX.

Tags that describe me:

NSFZ, NJU, Purdue, Huaian, Nanjing, West Lafayette, physics, literature, fiction, pop, rock, new age, classical, soundtrack, musical, folk, drama, Disney, TV series, documentary, Web, Python, R, Coursera, running, swimming, Xbox, NFS, Vim, MATLAB, Evernote, GTD

You can find me on Douban and Coursera.

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